Shoot through a bumhole into toilet ball pit at this digestive system playground


You can feel like an actual piece of sh*t at this playground in Hong Kong.

The idea is that you travel through the entire digestive system.

Guests enter through the mouth and travel into the stomach, where they are surrounded by burgers and bits of fake food.

It’s then the small intestines, with obstacles to get through and onto the large intestine maze and over poop mountain before they finally shoot through a gigantic bumhole and into a ball-pit toilet, complete with giant toilet roll to wipe your hands on.

The pop-up in Kowloon Bay is actually aimed at kids but we’re not sure how much you’re going to want to add that picture to the family album.

The Amazing Digestive Experience opened in December and despite the unusual theme, people really love it as it helps to teach kids about how food moves through the body.

One review said: ‘It was really fun and educational!!! They taught basic information about digestive system in a fun way!’

Another added: ‘Very cute experience, even though the target audience is children it’s fun for adults too, the props were well made and colourful, really nice for photo taking.’

‘Kids enjoyed becoming poop at the end!!! Fun way to learn our digestive system!,’ another parent said.

Unfortunately, the event is currently closed due to the Coronavirus outbreak but they hope to reschedule in the future. It was due to run until 29 February but organisers said they’ll release more information about future tickets soon.